Who Should Pay The Fees?


Deciding how much to charge your guests is a big part of the event planning process. But what about the fees? Who should pay those? The vast majority of event hosts let their guests pay the fees. Guests are used to seeing fees when purchasing tickets online and the 3% SquadUP fees are lower than our competitors. But you can treat your guests by absorbing the SquadUP fees as the host. For guests paying with a credit or debit card there is also a standard 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee.

Event organizers can select “split fees” to charge the guests for the credit card processing and absorb the SquadUP fee themselves. Or – and this is where you can get creative – you can bake in fees to your ticket price and then absorb them back as the host. For example, instead of charging $30 and having having guests pay a $0.90 SquadUP fee, you can charge $31. You’ll make an extra 10 cents and more importantly your guests will won’t see the SquadUP fee. Sometimes guests don’t like seeing fees after they’ve already mentally committed to the original ticket price. But our research in event planning shows that the price sensitivity between a $30 and a $31 ticket is non-existent. If you know your event psychology, you can take advantage of SquadUP’s features in creative ways to drive ticket sales. The more you know, the more you make!


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