RSVPs vs. Tickets


When event organizers create their event, they need to choose between selling tickets and collecting RSVPs. When hosts charge their guests money to attend the event, the choice is simple. (That’s the ticket option, in case you’re new around here.) That means that free events should go with RSVPs, right? Well, that depends. If the event planner chooses to collect RSVPs with  it is a more informal process. Guests won’t receive tickets, but instead the host receives a detailed guest list prior to their event. But even if they’re not charging money, they still may want to choose the ticket option for a more formal registration process. Guests will receive unique tickets that hosts can scan or check. If you issue tickets you can still do a guest list check in but if you choose RSVPs you must do guest list check-in. And since it’s 2015, your guests won’t have the print tickets. They will receive their scannable ticket in an email and it will also be waiting for them in the free iOS app or the free Android app.



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