Pre-Event Checklist


  1. Know your audience. Surprised that this was the first point? Don’t be! You are building your event for your guests and every decision you make should take them into account. It is impossible to plan without knowing who you’re targeting.
  2. Name your event. Don’t be boring! You want to grab your target audience and accurately describe your event in as few words as possible.
  3. Pick a time and date. We don’t expect you to consult the schedule of all of your target guests. But you should be aware of holidays, other major events, and potential conflicts on a mass scale
  4. Select a venue. This is incredibly important. Put together a list of appropriate venues as far in advance as you can. Visit them in person, meet with their staff, and compare pricing. Ideally, contact someone that has hosted an event there in the past. If you’d like help finding a venue in NYC, you can email
  5. Describe your event. It’s important to have consistent event messaging, so make sure you’re happy with your description and stick to it. Your event flyer, banner, and other design content also falls under this category. Spend some time on design to make sure it matches your event goals and then be consistent when promoting the event.
  6. Decide on a price. There is a ton of information out there about event psychology and how to price your event. At the end of the day, the event host should know their target audience better than some generic blog does. Know their price sensitivity and know the true value of the experience you’re offering.
  7. Assemble your team. If you’re hosting a big conference, you’ll need a staff to keep things running smoothly. But you already knew that. We’re talking about your promo team. These are your partners, sponsors, influencers, and anybody else that can help sell tickets. Organize them and manage them.
  8. Select a hashtag. This is key aspect of your social media strategy. SquadUP can pull all of the social media content to the Social Gallery using your event-specific hashtag. Choose something descriptive, unique, and concise. (If you’re really skilled you can get some branding in there, too!)
  9. Create your event page. Now that you have all of your details, messaging, design, and social strategy, you’re ready to create a beautiful landing page for your event. Head to (or download the free iOS or Android app) and start filling out the page. It will take you all of 2 minutes. Then press “Publish Event”. You’re ready to start promoting!

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