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Have you ever wondered what a custom registration software solution could look like for your business?

Our software solution helped PetSmart register 200,000+ guests across 1600+ stores in the US and Canada in under 1 month.

We worked with the PetSmart Corporate team to build an implementation that allowed PetParents to search their location (or have the location automatically detected), and then see a map of all PetSmart stores within the area, all without leaving Once the PetParent found the desired location, they used the embedded registration software to select their date / time, enter in their details, and opt-in for a mobile booking. Once registered, the PetParents received a custom-branded confirmation email with all event details attached. Registered PetParents would also receive a reminder email 24 hours ahead of their scheduled appointment. PetParents showed up to the store, checked in with a store representative (more on that below), and took their Santa photo. Here is a screengrab of what the PetParent experience looked like:


Historically, PetSmart managed Santa Photos registration with pen and paper. In addition to a custom registration experience, we also wanted to provide store managers with a custom checkin app tailored specifically for their events. Once again, we worked with the PetSmart Corporate team to build out a react.js browser app specifically focused on PetSmart Santa store checkin. Each of the 1600+ PetSmart stores in US and Canada had their own, custom login for the checkin app. After logging in to the app, store managers would see a list of registered PetParents sorted by date and time. With 200,000+ registrations and 1600+ stores, the brand new checkin process ran flawlessly and helped mitigate long waiting lines, which was particularly important this Winter as Covid-19 concerns prevailed. In addition to building the custom software experience, we also helped out on the customer support side. We created a custom 1800- number for PetSmart, and had a team dedicated to handling inbound requests. Here is what the checkin experience looked like:


Overall, we couldn’t be more excited with how the implementation turned out. We feel like we provided real value with a fully integrated, customized software solution to manage over 200,000 attendees. If you would like to learn more about how SquadUP can help you with your custom registration needs, please request a demo at

Thank you for reading!

Sam Mogil
CEO and Co-Founder, SquadUP

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