The Chat: Mobile Messaging and Picture, Video, and Location Sharing


Great organizers don’t just host as event, they curate an experience for their guests. The experience begins long before the actual event does and can last well beyond last call. A strong mobile event management platform can transform the event for both hosts and guests.


The Event Chat lives on both your desktop web event page and in the iOS and Android mobile apps. The Event Chat pillars include:

Messaging. Guests can message fellow guests and hosts can get involved in the conversation when appropriate. This is a versatile feature because it can be used in range of ways, from identifying the best acts at a music festival to help decide which stage to head towards and to networking with industry professionals at a conference.  As an event organizer, you can get an honest and accurate evaluation of what guests are saying about their event, where they’re spending their time and money, and what inspires the most sharing and engagement.

Picture and Video Sharing. Guests can post pictures and videos in the chat that their fellow guests can enjoy. Event organizers, partners, and sponsors can also take advantage of this feature, leading to new opportunities for creative event brand activations.

Location Sharing. This aspect of the Event Chat is especially useful for for large, sprawling event grounds, and events that take place over multiple days. Guests can easily find their friends, another reason that their attention will be focused on the event app that you as the organizer can monitor and control.

Organizers can get a unique crowd snapshot, make announcements, and engage with attendees.  The chat helps to build an organic, social event community.


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