31 Reasons to Celebrate in March



It’s March!! The wind is less bitterly cold, the February blues have subsided, and there’s a whiff of distant summer in the air. Time to make the most of it!

SquadUP is all about celebrating – no occasion’s too small – and we’ve put together a list of some of the reasons you could be celebrating this month, hopefully with the help of our event planning & ticketing app! Without further adieu, here are some good reasons to party.

  1. Justin Bieber’s 21st Birthday. No better birthday to completely forget, only to remember the next day “by accident.” Oh well, maybe next year, Justin.

  2. Nat’l Read Across America Day & Dr. Seuss’s Birthday (but then who needs an excuse to re-read Green Eggs and Ham?)

  3. Have a Horoscope Party. But for Pisces & Aries only, apologies to the rest of you.

  4. Celebrate Purim with gifts exchanged among friends, a charity event, or just some incredible food.

  5. National Absinthe Day promises one unforgettable, and possibly entirely forgotten, blowout.

  6. On March 6th, show your gratitude by giving the gift of fun for Employee Appreciation Day. We’ll be posting more about this later in the week so stay tuned!

    Photo credit: Netflix

    Photo credit: Netflix

  7. Laura Prepon’s, of That 70s Show and Orange is the New Black fame, turns 35 today!

  8. Celebrate your favorite women in style for International Women’s Day.

  9. Barbie is 56 years old! Today in 1959, she made her debut at the Int’l Toy Fair in New York. Barbie-themed costume parties should abound.

  10. International Day of Awesomeness — Know someone who deserves some recognition for being awesome? Today’s the day to make it known!

  11. Spring Break!!! Even if your Spring Break isn’t this month, you can still have a party inspired by, for example, 2015’s top 10 Spring Break destination. Or go one better and have a destination party.

  12. Anniversary of the Girl Scouts — A reason to share all those Girl Scout cookies you have stashed away.

  13. It’s Friday the 13th (and the second one of the year)! Ignore the signs and party away.

  14. Speaking of signs, it’s Pi Day! Pizza Pie, Apple Pie, Australian Meat Pies–do it how you want to! Mmmm, pi.

    Photo credit: www.ideastream.org

    Photo credit: www.ideastream.org

  15. March Madness Party — Pick your teams and place your bets, folks.

  16. Celebrate Shakespeare Week with a Shakespeare Party — what better reason to break out the quill pens, dirty literary puns, and do some good old-fashioned Shakespearean cross-dressing?

  17. St. Patrick’s Day. That is all.

  18. Grover Cleveland’s birthday. Also a no-brainer, folks.

  19. SXSW kicks off in Austin! Can’t make it this year? Have your own SXSW-themed party and make guests dress up like SXSW performers. They’ll love you for it.

  20. Spring Equinox! This marks the first day of Spring or the height of Spring, depending on where you live, but it’s the day we can all join together and be psyched to leave winter behind.

  21. World Poetry Day. Here’s your chance to ironically do some slam-poetry with your friends, only to discover you have a hidden talent for it.

  22. World Water Day. Give something back, and have an event to raise funds for a water charity.

  23. National Puppy Day. Another great excuse to have a fundraising party (like for a local humane society), or just to have your first dog-friendly house party!

  24. Anniversary of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon being released. Get out the good speakers and find out whether the whole Dark Side of the Moon-Wizard of Oz thing really pans out…

  25. Old New Year’s Day. Didn’t get it right the first time? Here’s your chance for a do-over!

  26. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. We think parties worth having include Pajamas and Beer Day Party, No Technology Day Party, and the much-missed Champagne Day Party.

    Photo credit: blogs.miaminewtimes.com

    Photo credit: blogs.miaminewtimes.com

  27. Ultra Festival begins. Even if you’re not going, throw your own Ultra-Inspired Party, complete with killer electronic playlist and crazy light show.

  28. Commemorate Lady Gaga’s Birthday with a themed dress-up event (Gaga costumes only).

  29. Feeling bloated from all that partying? March is National Nutrition Month, so treat yourself to a Spring Cleaning Detox Party! (And if all the socializing has worn you out, this can easily be a party for one.)

  30. Breakfast Club turns 30 — Today the classic film for young’uns gets officially old. Re-experience the greatness with your nearest and dearest at home, or arrange group attendance to one of the  screenings around the country.

  31. Celebrate Christopher Walken’s birthday with a bang. Weapon of Choice flashmob, anyone?

Whatever you’re celebrating this month, SquadUP can help you do it by providing you with an immersive social event experience through our web and mobile services. To find out all about how we can make your next event even better, explore our blog and download the app!



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