6 Tips for Getting People to RSVP



In our modern world of casual communication and busy lives, it has become increasingly difficult to get folks to RSVP, or to RSVP on time, which can create logistical problems when you’re planning an event. Sometimes people RSVP and then forget they did; sometimes they forget to respond and then show up anyway—or, in extreme cases, they don’t RSVP and then show up with extra guests.

Photo credit: AnniePancake

Photo credit: AnniePancake

Drawing from conventional wisdom and adding a few ideas of our own, we’ve come up with some ways to expedite the RSVP process and take some of the headache out of planning.

  1. Put it on the invitation! You can’t fault people for not RSVPing if you haven’t asked them to, so don’t forget to put it in plain sight, preferably in a prominent place on the invitatation. You also might consider changing wording to “Please respond by this date” to remove any possible confusion about what “RSVP” means.

  1. Be specific. Let people know what their options are for responding. If you’re asking for postal RVSP’s, include a response card and a stamped envelope with the invitation. If you want people to RSVP by email or through an invitation platform (like SquadUP), provide any information they need and request that type of response directly.

  1. Create a buffer. Set the deadline for responding to the invitation a week earlier than you actually need people to respond—the bigger the event, the bigger the buffer.

  1. Gentle follow-up. At least once before the deadline, gently prod people to RSVP if they haven’t yet. This will also help in situations where close friends assume you already know that they’re coming, because of course they are! Use the opportunity to request that everyone RSVP. The SquadUP app provides a few ways to do this; we even track RSVPs for you.

  1. Bumper notification. Send out an indirect reminder just by chatting in the SquadUP group chat area, which will casually notify invitees.

  1. Offer an incentive. Nothing motivates people like free stuff. You can try something like, “RSVP by March 15th and be entered to win a bottle of champagne!” to get the ball rolling.

Regardless of the type of event, our app can help you simplify the invitation and RSVP process by a long way. Try it out for free and tell us what you think!


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