The Future Is Now: Virtual Swag Bags


A swag bag usually has two core purposes: 1) to share partner promotions, brand messages, and important event-specific or company-specific information with your guests and 2) to make guests happy. Can you accomplish both of those things without filling an ugly bag with 95% junk? Sure, we’ve seen some beautiful totes with useful items, mostly at very expensive or very exclusive events. But is there a better solution to replace the rest of the failed goody bag attempts?

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Yes, yes there is. They’re called Virtual Event Bags. And now that we’re aware of their existence it immediately seems ridiculous that the event space is just now getting to this. (Note: this feeling of a pain point that’s solution was long overdue is the sign of a strong need for your product.)

This is a more effective and measurable way of reaching your guests. When I don’t want 12 little spongy stress toys I need to find a trash and throw them out. If I’m environmentally conscious, then this bothers me. If I’m lazy, then this bothers me. And sometimes #EventProfs are lazy, too. Instead of turning your office into a warehouse for promotional items while you sit on the floor, individually filling bags, simply drag and drop the desired content into your virtual bag one time. Better yet, you can allow sponsors to add content to virtual swag bags on their own. They can much more effectively analyze the effectiveness of different items at different events and with different demographics.

But what types of events can this work for? People host a wide range of events on SquadUP so we want to figure out exactly who to recommend this tool to. These six categories that are more than ready for this #EventTech upgrade. I’m not sure that children’s birthday parties are prepared to part with the goody bags filled with real candy and real toys.

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If this isn’t enough proof of the necessity and versatility of this advancement in the event space then check out this success story: Yale Orientation. Instead of handing out pens, notebooks, pamphlets and those weird, thick, laminated notecards, incoming students got a link with everything they need. Want to find out which of your students are motivated and ready to work the hardest? Check out who clicked on what in your virtual event bag report.

Reduce work and waste, increase engagement and sponsorship opportunities, improve metrics and data tracking– game changer. Try it out for you next event.


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