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The recent big announcements at the Facebook F8 conference have our minds ticking away about the importance of video in event planning, and how you can use video to get the most out of your event. As a sequel to our last post on capturing the essence of the party with video, we’re giving some insight into how you can use the video you capture to make killer event promos, either for the event itself, for later ones, or for your organization (if you have one).

Promo videos are great because they harness the power of online video while also allowing you to show off the goods–your face, your company, your charity, your amazing party guru skills, etc. And video promos work well with the SquadUP app, where you can share event videos and use them to promote future events with the click of a button.

Here are some tips for taking and using event footage to make a great online promo video:

  1. Have a script. This is really more important for the footage you capture around the event rather than at it, but it’s good to know what you plan to say, so you can get footage that will support it. (Here’s the Hubspot take on how to write a video script.)

  2. Storyboard your video idea before the event. Even if it’s just a quick sketch on a sheet of notebook paper, this will help you know when to whip out your phone and start filming.

  3. Assess the space. Have in mind where the best places to film will be for lighting and sound quality, depending on what kind of footage you’re hoping to get.

  4. Arrange any kit ahead of time. If you’re going to need production equipment for filming during the event (like a microphone for interviews), arrange these things beforehand.

  5. Capture the event before AND during the action. See this blog post for ideas.

  6. Shoot B-Roll. This is footage that isn’t of the primary things covered in your storyboard, but that might come in handy during the editing process, to fill in gaps (for example, the outside of the venue, people arriving, and general ambience shots).

  7. Edit, edit, edit. There’s a range of video editing software out there, from apps you can download for free to professional-grade software that will cost you a bit, or you can hire someone to edit the video for you. We’ve seen great, highly professional-looking promo videos created using all of the above, so it’s really down to your skill level, budget and time.

  8. Release and Promote. This is really the most important part, and the SquadUP app can get you started by making it simple to your videos easily with invitees. For reaching people outside the inner circle, here’s a post from SproutVideo on getting your video to go viral.

Do you have a question, or have you thought of something we missed? Post it in comments below or tweet it to us.


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