#FlyFigawi Video and Recap


What an amazing weekend. We skipped the early morning wake up calls, long airport lines and expensive airfare and decided to fly private instead. We decided to #FlyFigawi, complete with a pre-flight cocktail party, swag bag from our sponsors, and plenty of planned events for the weekend.

Chartering a 737 from NY to Nantucket for Memorial Day Weekend festivities was not something SquadUP had done before and unlike any experience we’ve ever had. Normally we save the “thank you” portion until the end, but not this time. Such a big undertaking would not have been possible without our incredible sponsors: Sumeria Group, Next Step Realty, Uproot, Tuckernuck, Hudson Sutler, and One Orange. We knew that these were great companies well before the Figawi festivities. But after spending time on the island with them – from the pre-flight cocktail party to the sunset soiree at One Orange – we found out that these companies are run by truly incredible people.

FamousNY, our favorite videographers, were able to make the trip and put together a recap video showing just how much fun we all had. Check it out and feel free to share it around!


If you’re looking for pictures from the weekend we got you covered. You’ll find the complete album here. Notice anything special about these pics? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a good looking group of people in my life.


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