Tech Tuesday: The Future of #EventTech


What is the future of event tech? Is it drones? How about geofencing, NFC, or iBeacons? Now more than ever before, smart, talented people are dedicating themselves to disrupting the event industry. It’s an exciting time for anybody in the space. It can also be a challenge to keep up with the rapid developments and sift through the nonsense to find the significant advances. As an event planning platform, SquadUP stays locked into the scene and we’re happy to give you our take on the latest trends. Our in-depth analyses are fun too, but every now and then people want an overview to catch-up. Well, here it is!

Internet Forever
Because losing internet at an event is a disaster, a Nairobi-based software company Ushahidi has created a ‘backup generator for the internet’. Called BRCK, the device switches between available networks to enable a steady connection despite being in areas with unpredictable coverage. One BRCK can support up to 20 devices.


Create a virtual perimeter within a space using a Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled device, such as a smartphone. This can be particularly useful in helping guest find their way around different areas of an event or for targeted marketing. You’re able to display a message or promotional offer when your target audience enters your target space. Vendors can give 50% off on the product they really want to sell when potential customers are in their area or you can describe a piece of art and give some background on the artist when guests approach a certain exhibit.

Let Guests Control Your Event
Enabling guests to manipulate an event using their smartphone is on many #EventProfs’ radars as a big trend of the future. KDDI turned Tokyo’s Shiba Park into a “digital theme park” last winter to launch its content-sharing app Odoroki. Guests were able to change everything from water fountains to street lights.


Projection mapping
Turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display by using projection mapping. The technology has both practical and novelty, crowd-pleasing uses. Drive Productions is not only a leader in the space but they’re also forward thinking– currently experimenting with projection mapping onto moving surfaces.

3D Display
Speaking of projection mapping, a new 3D display system has been launched by Holotronica. More affordable than traditional Pepper’s Ghost systems and easier to transport, Holo-Gauze comprises a metallic highly transparent gauze and is designed to be used with 3D polarized projection systems and can also achieve believable 2D hologram effects.



Launched earlier in 2014, the iWall by MultiTouch sets a new standard for interactive video walls. The giant structure features unlimited simultaneous touch, 24 megapixel resolution and object recognition. Organizers, or rather #EventTech developers, can use MultiTouch’s free Cornerstone software development kit to work on their own apps.

What did we miss in our top 6? There has been so much talk about drones that we decided to focus on other pieces of event tech for the time being. But don’t worry, they’re more than on our radar! Comment or tweet @squadup with your thoughts.

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