Alley Shindig Fridays


Fridays in NYC can be strange, especially over the summer. You’d think it’s a weekend night and everybody would be amped up ready to go out. You’d be surprised. For starters, most people try to get out of the city on weekends. Even if you’re not leaving until Saturday morning, you may not want to wake up and travel with a hangover. The rest have likely had a long week and need some time to relax before they can get into full-on party mode. Fridays are perfect for happy hours because they’re on the earlier side and you’re more likely to be tempted by an order of wings than bottle service. So SquadUP got involved…


Do you and your friends or coworkers have a regular Friday happy hour spot? Humans are creatures of habit and it can be nice to have a set plan that you know works. But does your plan include unlimited bourbon and beer… FOR FREE?! At Alley Shindig, you’ll get just that. A room full of entrepreneurs, young professionals, and fellow drinkers all in disbelief that a place in NYC exists where you can get a drink for less than $10, let alone $0.


So what’s the catch? Do we have to participate in some study, survey, or interactive talk? Do we have to download apps or give access to our social media accounts? You don’t have to do anything except RSVP here and show up. AlleyNYC is an awesome co-working community that loves getting new faces to check out their space and Shindig is a drink explorers club that goes out of their way to provide unique experiences for bring people together.

So here’s the recap:

What: Alley Shindig

Where: AlleyNYC

When: Every Friday from 6pm to 8pm

Why: Free beer and bourbon + a great crowd

How: RSVP here

If you’ve been to an Alley Shindig we’d love to hear your feedback. It would be nice to get a few comments so the good people of NYC know that this seemingly too-good-to-be-true event is very real.


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