The Hustler’s Guide To A Last Minute #SXSW Event


You don’t want to miss out on SXSW this year in Austin. Some event organizers started planning for the big conference and festival the day that it ended last year. Don’t worry if that doesn’t describe you! Plenty of brands, musicians, and individuals pull off spectacular events at the eleventh hour. Time is limited but your #EventTech resources are not!


If you’re starting from square one and need to handle everything from entertainment to supplies to food, we recommend checking out Thumbtack. They specialize in connecting you with a local network of event professionals. Get ready to run through an entire checklist worth of event planning tasks at once. And #EventProfs on the go can appreciate their mobile-first approach, allowing you to compare and hire candidates right from your smartphone.

Fun SXSW Facts

  • It all started back in 1987 as a music-only festival with 700 registrants. Austin wasn’t even a top 20 major market at the time.
  • The first three years of SXSW Multimedia had panels called “The Web Is Dead?” and “So You Want to Make a CD-Rom?”
  • SXSW was started by four in a newsroom and now attracts around 50,000 creatives to Austin.

We get excited about event planning. From music to film to interactive, SXSW is event paradise. If you’re looking for a little insider info on how to get your event off the ground, tweet @squadup or leave us a comment.


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