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Hey Event Host,

We’re excited to announce our newest partnership. We are expanding our digital marketing offering by partnering with ToneDen, the event-friendly social marketing platform designed to increase ticket revenue for promoters of live events.

Our partnership with ToneDen equips event organizers on the SquadUP platform with SquadUP Engage, a marketing platform integration created specifically to enable event organizers to get the most out of their Facebook and Instagram campaigns. ToneDen’s tightly integrated marketing solution provides an intuitive yet powerful way for event organizers to increase sales and maximize marketing returns.

SquadUP and ToneDen are both dedicated to providing a high level of service and enablement to their customers. SquadUP Engage is a clear reflection of that dedication. SquadUP Engage empowers SquadUP event organizers to seamlessly create sophisticated Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns to sell more tickets, no matter how big or small their marketing budgets may be.




ToneDen achieves higher ROI for event promoters in part by offering features that are not otherwise available to marketers inside of native social advertising platforms. In addition to event-specific audience targeting and budget optimization, ToneDen offers pre-built campaigns called Playbooks that cover a promoter’s entire event marketing lifecycle—incorporating social ads, direct messenger channels like Facebook Messenger, and fan activations to automate multiple tasks within a single campaign. ToneDen also offers Dynamic Event Ads to remarket an entire event calendar in just one campaign.

SquadUP is always looking for tools to help our customers sell more tickets. There are a lot of people out there selling snake oil, but in ToneDen we’ve found a committed partner with a deep technical skillset and a product that truly works. We believe that our white-label and mobile-first solution is best-in-class, by complementing our core product with a data-driven marketing module we’re giving event organizers the most advanced and comprehensive feature set available in primary ticketing today.

To start using SquadUP Engage, login to your dashboard and click on the MARKETING tab. From there, click GET STARTED and follow the instructions to post your first campaign!

*Please note – you will be invoiced for 5% of the face value of all tickets sold via SquadUp Engage on a monthly basis. You will also be required to update to the newest version of the SquadUP ticketing embed form. Please reach out to your dedicated account manager to learn more. 


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