30 Reasons to Celebrate in April

Photo Credit: Scooter Lowrimore

Photo Credit: Scooter Lowrimore

It’s April!! Winter is gone for real, and there is TONS to celebrate this month! Celebrating is our thing, so once again we’ve put together a list of some of the reasons you could be celebrating in April, with the help of our event planning app.

Here are your reasons to party!

  • April Fools Day is a great time to get creative (and prank your friends… fake surprise wedding, anyone?!)
  • Also known as Maundy Thursday and the “Thursday of Mysteries” in the Christian tradition, we’ve decided the 2nd of April is the perfect time to throw a murder mystery party (Biblical context optional).
  • Eddie Murphy’s birthday means – you guessed it – Police Academy Marathon! Or Coming to America Marathon! … Tough call.
  • When you’re done doing that, it’s time to celebrate Passover, one of the most important festivals of the Jewish tradition, with some serious thought and some serious food.
Photo credit: Viktor Hanacek

Photo credit: Viktor Hanacek

  • Put on your Sunday best and break out the chocolate bunnies, folks–it’s Easter!
  • On April 6, 1969, the roller skate was invented–making it (unofficially) Take Everyone Skating Day. Fun for all ages.
  • World Health Day on April 7 warrants getting outside celebrating the best thing you have: your health! :)
  • Even if your Spring Break isn’t this month (or if you haven’t had a Spring Break since you were 21), you can still pretend it is!
  • Sunny days in April mean it’s Barbecue Time, and man, we’ve been missing you since September. Did somebody say special sauce?
Photo credit: Shawn Ahmed

Photo credit: Shawn Ahmed

  • If you’re more of an indoor type, have yourself a good old Spring Cleaning Party; nothing better to clear out the cobwebs, literal and metaphorical alike.
  • On April 12, 1955 the polio vaccine was deemed safe & effective, meaning we all get to live awesome polio-free lives. Thanks, Jonas Salk!
  • The 13th of April is the birthday of Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the American Constitution, one of the Founding Fathers and third President of the United States. Little known fact: TJ was also one of the first public environmentalists in American history. Any and of all these things are worth partying about, wethinks.
  • April 14th is New Year’s Day or Vaisakhi in the Sikh tradition, also celebrated by some Hindus and Buddhists. In Manhattan, people mark the day with “Seva” (“selfless service”) which is the giving of food or service to others.
  • Tax Day isn’t perhaps a cause for celebration in itself, but the passing of April 15th probably means you have submitted your taxes–and for that, you deserve a pat on the back.
  • Since April is the month of showers, why not throw a Hurricane Party in the great New Orleans tradition. Here’s how.
  • Don’t live in Hurricane Valley? Never fear, you can throw another social event that’s probably just as fun: an old-fashioned potluck.

  • The 18th of April is the day that gave the world Conan O’Brien, and for that we owe it some gratitude. Celebrate with a Conan marathon; for extra laughs, add in the Conan O’Brien Drinking Game.
  • On April 19th, 2013, squeaky-clean actress Reese Witherspoon was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct and caught on video shouting “Don’t you know who I am?!” — making us all feel a little better about ourselves.
  • If the weather’s on your side, April is the month to kick off picnic season, so grab your picnic basket and head to the woods! Or the park! Or anywhere outside – IT’S SPRING, PEOPLE.

  • Another great reason to celebrate is Earth Week, perhaps by organizing a fundraiser or starting a recycling program for your neighborhood. Celebration comes in many forms, folks.

  • April 22nd is Administrative Professionals Day, so if you have or know an Admin professional, show them how much you appreciate all the hard work they do.

  • “To be or not to be…” The 23rd of this month is the day historians think Shakespeare was probably born. Mark the day by doing something literary (even if it’s just harassing your significant other with overused lines from Romeo and Juliet).

  • Arbor Day is April 24th! Show the love by planting a tree, giving a tree as a gift, climbing a tree with your kids, or just having a good old chill under your favorite tree.

  • This week is the chaotic and amazing NOLA Jazz Festival, a surreal week where you can see Elton John, Jimmy Buffett and Lady Gaga all in the same place.

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

  • Baseball season is revving up, and it’s time to get into the “swing” (AY, batta batta).
  • A classic fete, the Tea Party is one for April (that’s a Long Island Iced Tea Party for those in the know).

  • It’s Garden Party season, too – Time to get out the lawn bowling set and your best pastel polyester suit.

  • If such civilized gatherings aren’t really your style, how about celebrating Willie Nelson’s birthday instead? This year the singer and activist  will be 82 years young.

  • Did we almost forget to mention April is National Grilled Cheese Month because it totally is and a grilled cheese bar at your party is not going to disappoint anyone.

Whatever you’re celebrating this month, SquadUP can help you do it by providing you with an immersive social event experience through our web and mobile services. To find out all about how we can make your next event even better, explore our blog and download the app!


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