Snow Day!


Remember when a snow day meant wearing your pajamas inside out the night before to win the favor of the snow day gods? Remember sledding, snowball fights, hot chocolate and best of all, no school? I used to like to think about what subject I’d be learning at that exact moment of the day had I not been given the gift of frosty freedom. But the benefits of a snow day don’t have to end with childhood. Sure, it will never be the same; we know that. But in the spirit of Throwback Thursday, we’ve found a few remaining ways to enjoy the day.

1. Stash Away Snowballs for Summer


As much as snowball fights are for kids this is actually a very adult option. Think about it: saving and delayed gratification are as unchildlike as it gets. So when people bust out the water balloons and a few super soakers on a hot summer afternoon, you’ll be prepared. CAUTION: ICE. Maybe this isn’t such a great idea…

2. Plan a Vacation

Pick somewhere warm, preferably with a beach, and get to planning. Nothing is more motivating than looking out the window. And, while you’re at it, recruit some friends to go along with you. If you need some help organizing it all, I feel like there’s a platform that can help.

3. Hot Cocoa and a Board Game

I know that a snow day doesn’t mean the entire world shuts down. The vast majority still have to work from home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break to make some hot chocolate and squeeze in a quick board game. We forget how fun a solid round of Guess Who can be (speaking of #tbt). If you want to get a little nerdy with it I recommend trying out Settlers of Catan. And if you managed to get a group of fellow snow day-ers together, Cards Against Humanity is a blast.


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