Seven Ways to Use the SquadUP Social Gallery AFTER Your Event



Within the SquadUP app, social content including messages, photos, and videos from Twitter and Instagram are automatically aggregated around your event when participants use the event-specific hashtag OR the app itself. This content is then made permanently available to you in the SquadUP Social Gallery.

What you might not be aware of is how all of our social features work together—including Live Event Chat, the Social Gallery, photo and video sharing—to provide a source of content that can be used after your event, to continue delivering value to event participants and organizers.

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Here are some ideas of how you can use the Social Gallery after your event.

• Promote your next event.
Need marketing materials to promote your next event? Why not use the great photos and videos that guests took at your last event, or an earlier event in the series?

• Promote your company or organization.
Even for one-time-only events, the Social Gallery is a resource you can use to incorporate images and video from the event into your organization’s general marketing, website and social media.

• Source testimonials.
Sometimes the social media conversation around an event makes for the best testimonials, which you can then use on your organization’s website or social media accounts.

• Make a memory book. 
Create a virtual or hard-copy memory book from photos and conversation around the event to give to those who attended, as a thank you or just a commemoration of the day. This works great for personal or one-time events.

• Bring the conversation onto social media.
A great way to widen the audience after your event, encourage interaction with event content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, by re-sharing event photos in the form of a contest (“Vote on the best photo!”) or simple post-event promotion.

• Use the event hashtag to keep the conversation going.
Use the same hashtag in post-event promotion, for example sharing highlights on social media, and for future events in the series.

One thing to note is that you should get permission from your guests to use content from the Social Gallery before you start putting it to other uses. (To simplify this, you might make a blanket statement in the event chat encouraging people to share their photos and videos, and asking guests to let you know if they don’t want their stuff used for promotion later on.)

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