Meet Our Brand New Box Office Feature



Just to add to the list of great features we’ve been rolling out this year, here’s one that should make event organizers AND attendees very happy: Point-of-sale integration for our mobile box office!

By taking advantage of our POS integration, organizers may easily sell tickets onsite by swiping a credit card using our external scanning hardware or by scanning the card using the camera on their phone.  This. Is. Big. With the assistance of credit card entry organizers can more easily manage their ticket inventory and sales information, while enabling guests to buy tickets at the door. Here’s what it looks like:

The feature also lets organizers sell promotional merchandise by credit card, which is great for increasing last minute sales. And as if that wasn’t enough, Box Office captures ticket buyers’ contact details, making it easier to let them know about similar events in the future.

As you can probably tell, we’re psyched about this new feature, because we know it brings tons of value to event organizers.

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