Oculus Rift-Enabled Drones


Drones: so hot right now. Sure, the more important applications include the U.S. government’s fight against terrorism and Facebook’s effort to provide universal internet coverage. But drones are big in the event space, too, giving marketers a new picture and video perspective of their events. SquadUP believes that soon this aerial angle with become it’s own standard content category.

Recently the forward thinking drone company, Parrot, released its most recent edition that features Occulus Rift compatibility. It’s called the Bebop. For a more immersive and futuristic experience, Parrot lets you control the HD camera, digitally stabilized on 3-axes, from your Occulus Rift on the ground. Simply turn your head and the camera turns with you for authentic first person view piloting.


We’ve seen drones used to produce some really unique video content from events, especially big ones in a large outdoor venue. The Bebop will still provide that uncommon angle, but can do more now that it’s 100% safe to fly inside. In addition to the post-event content you’ll be able to capture, this could serve as a valuable mid-event marketing play. Give your guests the opportunity to strap on the Occulus Rift and check out a birds eye view of the event. This isn’t a simulation– guests will be able to control exactly what they’re seeing as the drone flies overhead.

The Bebop comes standard with a 14 megapixels fisheye camera that can record videos and pictures in a 180° field with remarkable image quality. Full digital image stabilization technology allows the Bebop Drone to fly regardless of the movements inherent to aerial footage. There’s even an active-alignment focus check and a splash-proof and dust-proof lens. Action cameras can often show horizontal line distortion… but not the bebop. Check it out (below).


We haven’t gotten the chance to test one out ourselves. Have you? If so, we’d love to hear a first hand account… or any other insight you can provide on the use of drones in the events space. Comment or tweet @squadup.


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