Meet Our New Partners: Fannetic


There is such a wide range of events that make use of the SquadUP platform. Our fans know that we think the word “event” is too limiting, and it’s really more of an experience. Recently we’ve been focusing on specific group experience that requires our planning and funding tool: live sporting events and game-watch parties. Individual hosts have used SquadUP to plan these types of events for themselves and their friends in the past, but this is our first official partnership with a company that facilitates the entire experience. That company is Fannetic.

Fannetic is the best way to connect with like-minded sports fans in NYC. Their tag line says it all: “Never miss a game!” Cheering for your team when surrounded by friends and fans is an incredible feeling. And that’s a feeling they’re proud to provide for every team, even if you’re not in your home city or at your university. From the NFL to the NCAA to the World Cup, and for everything in between, Fannetic will help you discover events that recreate the home-team stadium effect at premier NYC venues. Can’t find your favorite team? Contact them and their highly responsive staff will help set something up. They even have a special rewards program for “super fans”.


They already have not one, not two, but three separate March Madness events planned on SquadUP:

1) 3/20 @ Hudson Bond. Private venue, 2 free drink tickets, free appetizers, additional food and drink specials, games and prizes.

2) 3/21 @ Hudson Bond. Private venue, 2 free drink tickets, free appetizers, additional food and drink specials, games and prizes.

3) 3/22 @ Nevada Smith’s. Beer and appetizers included, a DJ during halftime and commercials, games and prizes, and food and drink specials all day. The first 64 entries will be assigned a team randomly in Fannetic’s March Madness bracket for a chance at a $100 grand prize.


This is an ideal time to take advantage of our “Squads” feature. Squads are groups of friends separated for your convenience, and at your disposal when creating events. You can easily combine your Facebook and email contacts in one place. Squads helps you organize your contacts and quickly invite large groups to events instead of selecting them one by one. Who are you going to invite to the Duke final four game? May as well start with your Duke Squad that includes all of your friends from school. Or click on the the Soccer Fans Squad to send out the mass invite for a World Cup watch party. Squads allow you to merge or split up circles of friends and save them for future events.

At SquadUP we have been working hard to help the top event organizers do what they do even better.  When we were approached by Fannetic with the opportunity to help them build a private event network, we jumped at the opportunity.  Through partnerships like this, we hope to continue to get our technology into the right hands and expand on the variety of high quality events we curate for members of our growing community.

Is there a subset of the events category that you feel SquadUP is missing? Something unique? Something obvious? Let us know by commenting or tweeting @SquadUP so we can make it happen.

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