Drones… We told you so!


We did a post a while back on using drones to produce unique content from your events. Oh, you didn’t get a chance to read it? Don’t worry, I’ll summarize.


Event Drones, like this quadcopter pictured above, can fly at up to 130 feet and provide hosts with unique aerial footage of their event. For around $500 for three hours worth of recording, Orlando-based Sonus Studios will capture pictures and videos like you’ve never seen. It’s guaranteed to be one of the rare times that your guests gather in awe to take pictures of the camera. So meta. The recording is probably better suited as a supplement to traditional photography. Being able to say your event was covered by a quadcopter drone may even be more valuable than the footage itself.


via https://www.facebook.com/SunFest/photos_stream

Why are we revisiting this piece of #EventTech? Because the marketing manager for Sunfest, Florida’s biggest music and arts festival, decided to use multiple drones to capture footage for a video– hoping to attract sponsors for next year. Her name is Melissa Sullivan and she explains that ”our slogan is ‘Where music meets the waterfront’ and the site is always difficult to show how the music and water interface. You’re either shooting the people or the water. What the drone allowed us to do is take it in from a different perspective.”

A different perspective– exactly. With drones, you can change the way you market your event because you have new and different perspectives. Everybody will tell you that video marketing is on the rise. In a time where content is king and everybody is producing it in wild amounts, video sits atop the rest. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative and turn your event into a spectacle.

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