Boobypack’s Got Soul!


We usually focus on NYC for our event spotlights but recently we’ve had too many west coast events to be so New York City centric. Not to mention, the collaboration of two companies like Boobypack and SoulCycle can’t really be ignored.

If you haven’t heard already, Boobypack is a San Francisco based startup that makes a fanny pack for your rack. You heard right. And no, I didn’t come up with that description, but I don’t mind saying it either.



If you follow @boobypack on Instagram you may have noticed that they are big supporters of the #believeinyourselfie movement. Boobypacks are useful for sure, but they also make a statement. They tell the world, “Hey! I’m a liberated woman, untethered by purse strings! My dollars are free of boob sweat! My hands are free to fist pump! I’m comfortable wearing a sports bra in public because I #believeinmyselfie!”

That’s why, on Sunday, August 17th they’re teaming up with SoulCycle for a fun and charitable event benefitting the NOW Foundation. The National Organization for Women Foundation addresses many women’s rights issues– one of them being negative body image. They’re on a mission to get women to LYB (Love Your Body) and we think that’s pretty rad.

Get your tickets to sweat it out on August 17th as they sport their rack packs at SoulCycle Marin. This cardio party is guaranteed to make you feel healthy, empowered and confident. And when you believe in yourself(ie), others will too.


ALL proceeds will go directly to the NOW foundation! Make sure you get a seat on the Gillibus! Newly refurbished and recently featured on Refinery29, it’ll be equipped with water and Runa Energy drinks to help up refuel after sweating it out.

More information and tickets here: See you there!


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