Advanced Data Segmentation


Happy New Year! We hope that everyone is doing well. We are excited to announce that our Advanced Data Segmentation tool is live! You now have multiple filters to choose from when searching for transactions in the dashboard. You can also develop segments from your ticket buyers to better target future marketing campaigns. Here is a quick screengrab showcasing all of the functionality together (click to open in new tab):

This new functionality is incredibly powerful. You can use the data you have been passively collecting to develop deeper insights into your attendees and to personalize future marketing. Additionally, you can filter transactions to show only refunded transactions. Other filters include payments that were transacted via the Box Office, or transactions where the answer to the ‘Company’ question starts with ‘Squad’. You can combine multiple filters, or use them one at a time. Best yet – you can generate a CSV download of your results!

I also broke down all of the individual filters below:

User Name:
Search by attendee name. This functionality was previously included in the “search” box.

User Email:
Search by attendee email. This functionality was previously included in the “search” box.

Event Name:
Search by event name. This can be useful when filter transactions on the All Active Events level

Transaction ID:
Search by SquadUP transaction ID. This is the 6 digit number listed in the “Transaction ID” column on the transactions table.

Gateway Trans. ID:
Search by Braintree transaction ID. This is the 8 character alphanumeric identified that appears on invoices / receipts in the top left corner

CC Last 4:
Search by the last 4 digits of the card used to purchase the tickets

Paypal Email:
Search by the Paypal email of the account used to purchase the tickets

Filter by transaction price range

Transaction Date:
Filter by date of transaction purchase

Filter transactions based on their status.
Success = standard, completed transaction.
Refund = ticket has been refunded.
Transfer = ticket has been transferred.

Box Office:
Filter transactions based on Box Office vs Website

Payment Method:
Filter transactions based on the payment method. This includes cash transactions and invoice transactions.

Card Type:
Filter transactions based on the card used to purchase tickets.

Question Starts with MATCHES Answer starts with:
This will likely be one of the most useful out of all the filters. This will allow you to filter transactions based on answers to order form questions. For example, if you say Question starts with: company and Answer starts with: SquadUP, you will see transactions from me and Jeremy. Here is a quick screengrab on that:

Download CSV:
Click this button to download a CSV of the results from your advanced search

Please reach out to if you have any follow up questions here, or if you run into any issues using these new filters / search options.


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