Ticket Brokers Sell Tickets They Don’t Even Have! Become a “Short-Selling” Expert.


Short-selling is fairly common in the events industry. Ticket brokers know that certain ticket prices go down right before the event, so they list tickets that they plan to buy later. But what happens if they’re unable to secure the last minute tickets after they’ve already sold them? The answer is your out of luck, and hundreds of Super Bowl XLIX fans found that out the hard way.

Horror stories have been circulating where fans using services like SeatGeak and StubHub received an email letting them know that the tickets promised to them were not available. Some were told that they could find tickets but only if they were willing to cough up more money than they originally agreed to pay. The scrambling ticket brokers are claiming their only obligation is to give a refund. But an event like the Super Bowl requires additional spending for travel and accommodations. Not to mention, attending the Super Bowl is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people. And what about for businesses? Let’s just say that explaining to clients that they can no longer attend the Super Bowl so soon before the game can be irreparably damaging to a relationship.

One die-hard Patriots fan, Josh Helms,  tells ESPN in a recent piece that “this is the first time we’ve had the money to go to the Super Bowl and I basically emptied out my bank account for this. This was my dream vacation and now I’m in Arizona with nothing.”

The only way to avoid nightmares like this is to become a ticketing expert. Stay tuned for more insider info!


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