Summer Simmer: The Hottest Day-Cations Around NYC with TailBus



Today’s guest post is courtesy of TailBus CEO & Founder, Drew Moffitt. 


Never heard of a “day-cation” before? Well, it’s time you did, because you’ve only got a precious month left to make the most of your summer, and day-cationing is an awesome way to do it! If you live in or around the NYC area, this could seriously change your outlook, if not your life…

At TailBus we believe getting to your destination should be half the fun. We have taken the quick-and-dirty vacation to the next level. With TailBus, you can now join trips AND create trips, where our certified Party Buses pick you up, take you to the fun, and bring you home—all in one neat little package. Want to have a drink? Relax with friends instead of driving? No problem! We’re your DD for the day.

The best part about TailBus is that our trips are designed to be crowdsourced: we set up trips, but we also encourage YOU to plan trips. No day-cation destination is too off the beaten path for us to consider, and we’ll make the trips happen if we possibly can, which is most of the time.

Here are just a few of the trips we have coming up to help you make the absolute most of the last days of summer (and beyond)—just click the links below for each trip to get involved!


Boardy Barn in Hamptons
Is it a barn? Is it a party? We can’t say for sure but we can get you there to find out for yourself! This epic day party is happening this Sunday, July 26th, and everything necessary for a Sunday Funday is already taken care of – All you have to do is join this trip! (Did we mention the $2.00 beers? Don’t forget your ID!)


Winery Day-cation
What better way is there to chillax in the summer than sipping on fine wine with friends old and new? In the Spring we did an amazing day trip to Hopewell Valley Vineyards and it got rave reviews. Want to plan a trip to that vineyard or another one nearby? Plan this trip!



Distillery Day-cation
Our last distillery trip was to a Woodstock-inspired distillery tour and tasting, with plenty of opportunity to enjoy the fantastic cocktails, food and people at the Catskills Distillery (site of 1969 Woodstock). Daytrippers got some Woodstock-themed swag as well! Want to organize something similar? Plan this trip!


Girlfriend Getaway: Spa Day
Thinking about treating yourself and some friends to a relaxing spa day? We can assist! Why not arrange a TailBus trip to the East Wind Long Island Spa—we can help get you set up for some group and individual treatments, meals, drinks, and a soothing ride home. Plan this trip!


Day at the Brewery
Thinking about a nice, cold brew? Well you’ll get that and more if you plan or join one of our brewery trips, which can take you to any of the awesome breweries within three hours of NYC. We recently took a busload to the Blue Point Brewery Boatyard Bash, where everyone got way more than their money’s worth in beverages and fun. Want to arrange a brewery trip? Plan this trip!


Concert Trip
One of our best-attended trips has been the recent one to the Taylor Swift Concert. It was a fantastic show with a great crowd, and was made even more enjoyable by the fact that nobody had to even think about driving home—more fun for all! If you have an upcoming concert or festival you think would make a great TailBus trip, plan this trip!

Photo courtesy of TailBus.

Photo courtesy of TailBus.

Pre-Season Football Games
For your riding and viewing pleasure, setting up TailBus trips to lots of the Pre-Season football games in August and September is now easier than ever. We love pre-season football—the tickets are cheaper but the game AND the tailgating are awesome as ever. Plan this trip!


White Water Rafting
If you’re up for a ride on the wild side, why not plan a TailBus day trip to do some whitewater rafting in the Adirondacks? You can take a guided raft with a group and finish the day off with some great food and drink—we haven’t done this trip yet but we think it would make an amazing day-cation to top of a fantastic summer. Plan this trip!

Or, even better, if you have an idea for a trip we didn’t think of, please initiate it! There’s no end to the amazing day-cations that you can plan using TailBus. Plan your trip via our website, or give us a shout on Twitter to tell us what you want to see on the Discover page!

See ya on the bus,
Drew Moffitt
TailBus Cofounder & CEO



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