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2014 may be winding down, but there are still plenty of reasons to host your own events before it ends. This is the time of year that people want to eat, drink, be merry, and surround themselves with family and friends. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering for a close group of friends or a 5,000 person New Year’s Eve Party, focus on the fun stuff by letting SquadUP handle the rest. Create your event on SquadUP today!

The top 3 excuses to host an event:

1. New Year’s Eve

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It may seem early because we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet, but it’s definitely time to start planning NYE. There’s a great way to avoid spending too much money and waiting in lines: plan your own event! Dinner party? Apartment party? Club banger? Use SquadUP to manage the event, helping you fund and track the whole shindig. That way you can worry about watching the ball drop instead of tracking down guests to collect money.

2. Friendsgiving


via spoonuniversity.com (Photo from Friends Season 10)

Many people’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Some argue that to the only way make it even better is to take all of the delicious Thanksgiving foods and replace your weird extended family with your friends! And maybe add a little extra wine. But if you want to make Friendsgiving a success, Mom isn’t going to plan it for you. Be the hero of your friend group: create your event on SquadUP, invite friends, and enjoy!

3. Holiday Party

ugly sweaters

via http://www.thrifttown.com/

You can take this one in multiple directions. Ever played Yankee Swap, known to some as the White Elephant game? Have you ever gone from thrift shop to thrift shop looking for the perfect combination of funny and disastrous for your Ugly Sweater party? And how about office parties? Whether you want to invite everybody’s families and have it catered or plan something smaller, SquadUP can help. If you have to be in the office during the holidays, it may as well be with a glass of egg nog.

What other events are you throwing to close out 2014 with a bang? Continue the conversation by commenting or by tweeting @squadup.


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