Zodiac 101: 8 Ideas for a Cancer-Themed Party



Are you a Cancer? Time to celebrate YOU.

The Cancer sign is for those born between June 21 and July 22, and partying with a Cancer is sure to be particularly awesome due to their known traits of being super loyal, friendly and relationship-focused. If you’re a Cancer, you’re a person with a close crew and a well-tended network of people who love you—so why not celebrate??

To fan the creative flame, we’ve put together a few ideas for a Cancer-themed party. Tap into what’s unique about being you while making the most of having a birthday at the height of summer, by having a Cancer-themed party! Here’s your check-list to make sure you hit all the Cancer highlights.

  • Crab! The symbol most commonly associated with the Cancer zodiac is the crab, and that’s awesome because crabs make excellent party additions—as food! Perfect time to whip up (or have someone else whip up) some amazing Maryland hot crab dip, Smokey Creole Gumbo, and/or some seriously cute crab cupcakes!

  • Ruby red. Many Cancers will have the Ruby birthstone, so a ruby-red party color scheme might be just the thing. Think Chinese red lanterns, red velvet cake, maybe a red carpet thrown in for good measure—you get the idea.

  • On the water. The element associated with the Cancer sign is water, providing the perfect excuse to have a party on a boat, on the beach, or bringing the water to your guests with a good old fashioned DIY water slide!

cancer party_3_blue moon cocktail (1)

  • Blue moon. A variation on the moon theme, how about a themed cocktail party, where you can serve up the esoteric Moon River, the Dark Moon, or the oddly-purple Blue Moon cocktail?

  • By the light of the moon … Cancer is thought to be especially sensitive to the moon’s phases and cycles, so why not have a Full Moon Party to celebrate your birthday? Reinvent the Thai tradition by getting all your friends to the nearest beach spot and supplying reggae and trance music, plenty of beachy drinks and, if you’re really brave, a fire skipping rope.

  • Metallic glow. The metal associated with Cancer is silver, which can make for interesting atmospheric tone to a celebration. For the fancier occasion, create a magical sense of dimension with lots of mirrors and twinkly lights, mirrored serving trays, the menu written in paint on a mirror—the possibilities are endless.

  • White-out. Cancer’s signature color is white, so how about a classy White Party? Perfect for summer, this gives you a chance to serve white chocolate desserts, white pizza, and maybe even have a white-tie dress code if you’re feeling extra classy.

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