Your Event Promotion Toolbox


You don’t have to work so hard to promote your event! Take advantage of how far event technology has come and get familiar with the resources available to you.

Start with the basics. No matter how big or small your event, these essential tools will make you a more effective event marketer:

Manage and invite your contacts. SquadUP has it’s own contact book that integrates with your existing Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook  contacts. You can also import contacts by uploading an excel file or adding them manually. If you choose to upload a spreadsheet, make sure to follow the guidelines or use our spreadsheet template. Upload a .csv file with headers “FirstName,” “LastName,” and “Email”. You can click “Invite Friends” at the top of your event page, or copy the link to use in your own email and social media marketing.

Promo Codes. Everybody likes saving money, especially when they feel like not everybody receives their discount. You can personalize the codes for a group or an individual, yet another opportunity to make your guests feel special. After you have added at least one ticket on the create event page, you will see a green button that says “+ Promo Code.” Your promo code can work for all ticket types or just one. It can reduce the price by a dollar amount or by a percent. You can also limit the number of times that promo code can be used.


Co-hosting. Assemble a group of people that are incentivized to make the event a success. Identify the right people to be your co-hosts and make sure they feel responsible and are held accountable for RSVPs or ticket sales. You adjust each co-host’s permission level to better control your team of influencers. Add them as co-hosts in the “Customize Your Event” section when you’re creating or editing your event and give them permission to perform all, some, or none of the following: 1) add to attending, 2) cancel the event, 3) contact guests, 4) view guests, 5) download the guest list with full guest data, 6) edit event details, and 7) view funding info.

Tracking Links. Track the source of every guest registration and then boost effective marketing methods and tweak the ones that are struggling. If you have event promoters or partners, create a unique link for each and monitor their success. SquadUP tracks visits, unique visits, tickets sold, and total ticket sales.

Professional Add-on Services. For all of the event planning veterans that are looking for an extra boost, SquadUP now offers professional add-ons. From custom page design to highly targeted marketing services, click here to learn more about the various bonus features we offer.


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