Wild Tuesday @ Vandy


As impressed as we were that we could pack The Boot in New Orleans on a Monday, we did have a little St. Paddy’s Day help. But apparently Tuesdays at Vanderbilt University are a social staple and Sportsman’s Grille is the place to be. Big shout out to the owner, Brad, for being one of the nicest, most accommodating people we’ve ever met. It was great being able to join forces for our College Roadshow. The upstairs bar was packed to the brim and the students had no problem cruising through the $1000 bar tab, even with the incredibly reasonably priced drinks.

We got some great pictures from the event that really capture how much everybody had. The Vandy students were particularly photogenic and not camera shy either.

Vandy students- don’t forget that by registering with SquadUP you get a $5 venmo credit if you type in your phone number when prompted. And definitely don’t forget to check out Sumeria. Especially if you’re a senior and headed to a major U.S. city, Sumeria is the premier young professionals network with a wide range of amazing events. Our friends at Salesbus, a great way for students to earn cash selling the products they love, also helped make this event possible.

It was great meeting so many of you last night. SquadUP really appreciates how welcoming you were. We’re impressed that despite the amazing party going on in the background, you spent time with the co-founders learning about our highly social event planning platform.

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