Where the Figawi?!


To do Figawi justice, Sarah Cowherd— SquadUP director of business development, veteran Nantucket event planner and Grey Lady enthusiast— is here to break down what makes this weekend so special.

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Where the Figawi?!  Sarah Cowherd

Long ago, in a land far far away, four sailors set out from Hyannis to race their sailboats to a magical island 20 miles off shore: Nantucket! Somewhere off the coast of the island one of the sailor’s companions exclaimed “Where the Figawi!?!” and thus, the legend was born. Since its inception in 1972, the race has grown and taken of a life of its own. Memorial Day Weekend on Nantucket is no longer another early spring weekend with a sailing regatta (pretty standard for this island) but instead Figawi has become a 3-day party where sailors, spectators, and general tourists ascend on the island in throngs.

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Those who have spent time on Nantucket, like myself, tend to fall in love with its historic charm, incredible cuisine, amazing beaches, warm days and cool nights, fun and friendly nightlife, incredible sunsets, sport fishing, fog horn, and friendly people. Yeah— there’s a lot to love. All of that takes a back seat to one thing on this weekend… PARTYING!

This Memorial Day Weekend SquadUP, along with a few of our good friends from Sumeria, Hudson Sutler, Tuckernuck, Uproot WinesThe Next Step Realty, and One Orange, will be flying private to Nantucket on the one and only Fly Figawi! Bypassing early morning wake up calls, long airport lines and expensive airfare, Fly Figawi is turning busy holiday travel into a sophisticated experience… with adult beverages of course! Once we land on the island we may lose ourselves in the magic and the chaos. Luckily we will be able to spot our fellow passengers by their Hudson Sutler bag, filled with the ultimate Figawi swag collection!

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If you are wondering what is in store for this fun filled weekend, it is hard to say for sure! But I can tell you that I, Sarah the Stewardess, can likely be found either at Cisco Brewery sipping on a Blueberry Lemonade, or at CRU Nantucket with a glass of Gruner in my hand and a crab cocktail in front of me. I’ll definitely be making a trip to Bartlett’s Farm for fresh local produce! And of course, I won’t be able to resist swinging by The Proprietors Bar and Table for the best desserts on the island. If you want me to save space for you on my dance card, you had better show up to the Chicken BOX early because the line will be long, that much I know for sure.

If you find yourself on Nantucket this Memorial Day Weekend, please do join us for a cocktail or two at One Orange on Old South Wharf from 6-9 on Sunday evening!  We will all be there recounting stories from the weekend, sipping on a SpikedSeltzer or a glass of Uproot Wine and wishing we didn’t have to leave the next day. But don’t worry; we will be back again next year…


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