What is a College Roadshow?


Simply put, our College Roadshow is a chance to put the SquadUP platform into the hands of one of the groups most in need of an event planning upgrade: college students. What better way to show everybody the wide range of benefits than to throw parties on campus and use SquadUP to spread the word and collect registrations?

College Roadshow 2014 FINAL

We knew we wanted to tour colleges in the spring and hosting events at as many as possible, but we didn’t know it would turn into a road trip like this. As you may already know, we’ll be down at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas for the hottest event series: The Illmore. So we decided to team up with MyGradPad and some of our favorite brand sponsors like Venmo, Sumeria Group, and Salesbus and road trip back to our headquarters in NY, stopping at 5 schools in 6 days.

Check out our official College Roadshow page where you’ll find additional info about SquadUP and the other roadshow companies, our roadmap and itinerary, along with the event pages for each school. In 10 days we’ll be stopping at Tulane, UVA, Vanderbilt, Delaware, and Villanova. If you go to any of those schools, or have friends and siblings that do, pass along the good news. Except for the UDel event- that features a private venue, DJ, light show and pregame- they’re all free to attend!

This certainly won’t be the last time we plan something similar. If you’d like us to throw an event at your school, let us know in the comments section or by tweeting @SquadUP. We hope to see you on our 2014 College Roadshow!


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