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We can’t overstate how valuable our Brand Ambassadors have been. They’re our experts on their campus’ social scene, our boots on the ground increasing brand awareness and they’re some of our initial adopters. Their feedback on what the college event planning pain points are and on their experiences using SquadUP drive platform improvement.
Last semester we got the chance to sit down with Taylor Soave, undergraduate student at the University of Delaware, and ask her some questions about planning philanthropy events on college campuses.


SquadUP: Are you a part of any organizations on campus?

Taylor: I’m the Philanthropy Chair for the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority.

SquadUP: Are you throwing events with Alpha Xi Delta? What types of events are we talking about?

Taylor: We plan and host events each semester to raise money and awareness for Autism Speaks. We recently had a full week filled with events such as a men’s competition, a pie eating contest, and a football tournament. We also host a Karaoke night, and a huge 5k walk/run in the spring.

SquadUP: What’s the most frustrating part about event hosting?

Taylor: The most frustrating part is getting the word out and getting more people involved. We try really hard to raise as much money and awareness for such a good cause and we want people to be passionate about this cause, just like we are, and to get the entire community involved! I have used SquadUP for Alpha Xi Delta’s Apple Picking and am excited to use it for future philanthropy events!

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