The Science of Emotions: Measuring Your Guests’ Mood


Monitoring social media content is a good way of gauging your guests’ emotions. But those are only volunteered emotional responses. Some people may be so upset that they feel the need to call out a brand with a tweet while others may post a picture to Instagram of their friends having a blast. But what about everybody in between? Consider the people that feel very strongly one way or the other but are less tied to social media (yes, those people do still exist). How do you measure their mood?

Beyond Verbal Communication has patented technology that extracts a person’s full set of emotions and character traits, using their raw voice. The recently released mobile app, Moodies, can actually make sense of their raw voice stream in real-time, as they speak. This ability to extract, decode and measure human moods introduces a whole new dimension of emotional understanding. They’re calling it Emotions Analytics™. In their ideal world, this data will transform the way we interact with machines and with each other. Their emotionally-enhanced applications can be installed in practically any voice enabled, voice activated and voice controlled device out there.


So what does this mean for the events space? When testing Moodies at a conference in Atlanta called IIeX, they found that in just 20 seconds the app could analyze intonation to determine a persons mood. There were 11 possible outcomes including angry, enthusiastic, tired, and so on.

It’s particularly interesting that the app can collect all of this data without a survey or hands attention from an event professional. Guests can download the app and use it in “self-service mode.” They record comments on their own to be analyzed by the app and sent to the event organizer so that they can digest the data along with the other guests’.


These are only the current applications. Like most emerging #EventTech that we feature, the applications for this are seemingly endless. We’re just waiting for creative #EventProfs to come along and use Moodies in a new way to help open up doors for others in the industry. For example, you could use the app to perfect the way that you convey a certain emotion. Giving a speech that you want to appear enthusiastic during? Test yourself using the app to make sure your tone matches your messaging. Already thinking of new ways to use the app? Continue the conversation by commenting on this post or tweeting @squadup.


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