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NY Mets have Tech on Deck, 6/24 

To introduce this awesome event we brought in Liel Leibovitz. Liel is a writer and the co-founder of Thunder11, the New York-based strategic communications boutique agency hosting Tech on Deck.

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If you’re paying any attention to the world of tech, chances are you’ve heard about Big Data, the practice of using cutting-edge statistical analysis tools to make better decisions, open up new markets, and facilitate growth. But data nerds aren’t limited to start-up lofts or corporate boardrooms: they can also be found on the baseball field.

Popularly known as Moneyball, Big Data has helped transform America’s pastime by leveling the playing field and making the game more even-handed and interesting. On June 24, data geeks of all stripes will come together as the New York Mets will host a panel featuring some of the city’s most prominent technology companies to discuss how data drives both business and baseball.

Produced in collaboration with Thunder11, the panel will feature Michael Flowers, NYU professor and New York City’s Chief Analytics Officer; Dan Wawrzonek, Senior Manager of Projects and Information Technology at Major League Baseball; Vibhav Prasad, Senior Vice President at MasterCard; Elie Seidman, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at General Atlantic and the former founder of Oyster; Kirk McDonald, the President of advertising technology company PubMatic and the former President of Digital at Time Inc.; and Russ D’Souza, the co-founder of SeatGeek, the web’s largest event ticket search engine.


Best of all, after the panel discussion attendees will be invited to the ballpark’s upscale Caesars Box to watch the Mets play the Oakland As, the original innovators of the Moneyball method, in a match of Silicon Alley versus Silicon Valley. Tickets, which include admission to the panel discussion and the game, are $75.

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