New Feature Alert – Gift Cards



Hey Awesome Event Host,

We have a new feature that we are excited to share with you! Starting today, you have the ability to create gift cards for your favorite patrons and sponsors. This new functionality is available immediately from your host dashboard upon login. Gift card codes will be similar to promo codes, but they will retain a balance. For example – if you have a $1000.00 gift card, and use that gift card code to purchase $200.00 in tickets, you will still have a balance of $800.00 remaining on your code for additional tickets.

Step 1: Create your first gift card

To create your first gift card, click on the “Gift Card” tab in your host dashboard. From there, you will be prompted to create a new gift card. You will be asked to select a discount type – you can chose to create a dollar discount gift card (expires once the dollar amount is reached), or a percentage discount gift card (never expires). After you select the discount type, you enter the value (for example, $1000.00 off or 15% off).

Step 2: Add Eligible Events

After entering the discount type and amount, you will prompted to add eligible events. This is where you select the events that will be available for gift card usage. The gift card code will only work on the events that have been added to the code.

Step 3: Save Your Card

After selecting the eligible events, you’re all set to save your gift card. Press the “Save Gift Card” button to save your selections and view the card code. Simply copy the code and send it to the intended recipient. That’s it! The recipient can use that code on all eligible events. Dollar off gift card codes will retain their balance and expire once the balance has been used, and percentage off gift cards will grant the discount until code is deleted or all events are removed.


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