How to Sellout Socially Distanced Concerts in a Pandemic


Selling out any concert is a pretty big victory for any event organizer. Selling out a concert in the middle of a pandemic is a huge win. We wanted to congratulate HWY 30 Music Fest on their Sam Riggs Pop-Up sellout, and highlight their success in our blog post.

HWY 30 Music Fest in Filer, ID, is a locally-operated, veteran-owned small business that believes in bringing people of all ages together to provide a positive experience through music. The four day, family-friendly music festival is sure to please people of all ages and backgrounds. The festival has something to offer for everyone: Beer garden, food vendors, bounce house, real bathrooms, Country music, Americana music, Rock, & Red Dirt are just some of the highlights at Hwy 30 Music Fest.

We worked with HWY 30 Music Fest to create a unique seating configuration for their Sam Riggs Pop-Up event, leveraging social distancing rule sets from to create a safe and socially distanced experience for all patrons. The seat map includes full booths, VIP table and standard table options, in addition to individual table seating admissions. The VIP tables include a handwritten lyric sheet from Sam, selling out within minutes, as the first show sold out within one hour of going on-sale. It is truly great to see an event with such high demand and interest, signaling a return to normalcy after an extended period of lockdown.

As the country continues to post impressive vaccination numbers and starts to re-open venues across the nation, we will highlight the event organizers who produce amazing experiences for their patrons. We look forward to a roaring-20s style recovery for the events industry as a whole, and are excited to power the next wave of re-openings.

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