How to Get the Most Out of SquadUP: Insider’s Edition


SquadUP is the social way to plan your perfect event. In order to have the best possible event planning experience, you will want to take full advantage of our comprehensive event planning tool. The SquadUP platform is a unique combination of simplicity and robustness, so you won’t need much guidance, but these 3 small tips can help.

1. Customize Everything

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The design of the event page is the first thing people will notice. While we love our SquadUP color scheme and overall design, your event page should reflect your event. Start by choosing an event flyer. This will serve as the main image for your event and come up as the thumbnail for others visiting the SquadUP events tab and when you post the event to Facebook, Google+, or anywhere else.

Don’t stop with the flyer. You can also customize the event page banner, similar to your banner and profile pic on Facebook. We recommend 300 x 1000. Sam, our in-house designer and UX/UI specialist, has been known to help hosts perfect their banners and flyers if they ask nicely using the live chat feature. And if you’re not satisfied with the 40+ custom invitations designs, he’s happy to work on a new one for you.

2. Multiple Ticket Prices & Promo Codes

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If you have a basic understanding of human psychology and what makes people buy tickets, the multiple ticket tiers and promo codes are your best friend. Set an early bird ticket at a reduced price, a standard price during the time you want most people to pay, and then a procrastinator’s price to limit last minute registration throwing off your numbers.

Promo codes make people feel special. Use them! If you have co-hosts in charge of rallying different social circles to attend your event, or promoters, give them each their own custom promo codes: “TheirNameVIP”. Use unique codes for social media promotions, too. Get creative!

3. Social, Social, Social

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First off, don’t skip over the section to set a hashtag for your event. This way you can centralize discussion about the event- before, during, and after- on social media. The event page couldn’t be easier to share around on twitter and Facebook. So do it, and encourage (if not incentivize) your guests to do the same.

Most of all, don’t be afraid of the live chat feature at the bottom of every page. We are not Bank of America or Time Warner! We are entrepreneurs that care above all else that our users are having the best possible experience. You’ll be surprised how far out of our way we’re willing to go to lend you a hand. Take advantage!


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