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4th of July, many Americans’ favorite holiday, is only one day away. Besides the whole independence thing, the BBQ-ing, and coolers of Budwieser, what is this day really about? Fireworks. So, for your safety, entertainment, and general preparedness, SquadUP put together everything you should know about sparklers, roman candles, and beyond!

Best Fireworks Show Ever


This one is pretty undisputed. Dubai set the record for the biggest show on January 1, 2014. The NYE show only lasted six minutes but exploded more than 500,000 fireworks. The spectacle spanned 60+ miles of Dubai seafront and finished with an incredible artificial sunset. What did it take to achieve this world record? Ten months of planning, a network of 100 computers, and $6 million. Wow.

But watch out, Dubai! America knows it’s fireworks and we’re coming for you. This year, the 88th annual edition of Americafest at the Rose Bowl promises to set off over a ton of fireworks plus plenty more special effects, surpassing the current firework champs.

Where NOT to Buy Fireworks

Sure you can head down to china town and pick up some sparklers and whatever else they have stashed away in the back. But the 4th of July is about FREEDOM. Well, it’s worth knowing which states you’re not free to buy them in. If you’re on the east coast then SC or PA are your best bets. It’s not as black and white as legal vs. illegal, with many states having exceptions for sparklers and other novelties. But for the most part, here are the states you’ll want to avoid:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • Illinois
  • Iowa

The Best Kinds of Fireworks


For the big boys out there, you’re going to want to get some Aerial RepeatersThese are perfect for putting on a nice display in your backyard for the whole crew to enjoy. Multiple tubes are bundled together to form a cake looking object. The tubes have small shells that explode in a colorful crackling display in the sky. What’s great about the aerial repeater is you just have to light one fuse and you’re set.

Roman candles aren’t a bad choice either. They’re single long tubes that when lit at one end shoot out colorful balls of magic. Well, it looks like magic. Some of the shots crackle, flash, or explode. You can actually hold these in your hand while they fire off, but if you get your hand blown off don’t tell your mom where you heard this. We strongly advice against the use Roman Candles to engage in a mini firearms battle with your friends. Although we’ve seen it done…

Got any fireworks or #4thofJuly secrets to share? We’d love to hear them. Comment or tweet @squadup.


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