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There are certain questions we get asked a lot, so we’ve put them together in a few handy blog posts that will hopefully assist you as you explore the SquadUP experience.

This post provides some basic information about the financial aspects of the app and services. For questions on other topics, have a peruse of our other FAQ posts: My SquadUP and Promotion, Invites, & Ticketing.


  • How do I get my money?

After your RSVP by date closes, log in and press the “Dashboard” tab in the top right hand corner. From the dashboard, press the “Cashouts” tab. Find your event, and click the red “Cashout” button. From mobile, login and press the “Host” tab from the bottom navigation. Tap on your event name, and then tap the cashout button to initiate your cashout.

  • Can I be paid out before my event takes place?

Generally, no. Exceptions are made in rare cases where an organizer has been accredited by our team.

  • How do I embed a ticketing widget on my website?

Just press the grey website integration button from your event page (next to Get Tickets). Choose the integration that best suits your website’s need, copy and paste the code, and you’re all set.

  • How do I generate tax deductable receipts for my charity?

Send over any 501 c 3 information (name / number) to sam@squadup.comWe will enter this information into the system. Once we receive this info, any time a guest downloads an invoice from SquadUP (on the Tickets page), the invoice will have the 501 c 3 Name and Number for tax deduction purposes.

  • Can my guests pay with PayPal?

Yes they can!

  • Do you guys have Apple Pay integration?

Yes we do!

  • Does SquadUP offer support for multiple payment gateways?

This is currently not available, but will be soon.

  • Who is responsible for paying the sales tax on a ticket?

The organizer is responsible for paying sales tax.

  • How do I issue a refund?

To issue a refund, press the Dashboard tab in the top right hand corner. From there, choose the Transactions tab. Search for the name of the guest you would like to refund and press the big red Refund button.

  • Can I issue a partial refund?

You can choose to fully refund your guest (completely refunds the transaction and removes the guest from the attending list), or partially refund your guest (you choose the refund amount, the guest remains on the attending list).

  • Can I accept donations?

Yes you can. Just click the “Accept Donations” radio button from the Create or Edit Event pages.

Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Email us or tweet your question to us, and we’ll answer as quickly as we can.

It may also be worth checking out the other FAQ posts on My SquadUP and Promotion, Invitations & Ticketing



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