Brand Ambassador Expansion


Last semester was all about focusing on the campuses where we had effective brand ambassadors and growing our presence there to reach all social circles at those schools including clubs, teams, fraternities, sororities, and everything in between. This semester the name of the game is expansion. The Brand Ambassador Program has shaken its somewhat exclusive application process in favor of simple 1-step automated registration. That means no more interviews and on boarding calls. Now, if you want to be a SquadUP brand ambassador, simply visit and you’re ready to start hosting and facilitating events at your campus.


That being said, our best ambassadors are very communicative and reach out to discuss ideas for potential events and to see if there are any ways that SquadUP can contribute. For example we have a couple new ambassadors at the University of Pittsburgh, a school where we lack a strong SquadUP presence. Despite not getting many events off the ground thus far, Casey Gordon and Camila Guerra-Garcia have been very responsive and recently reached out to try to get more going on their campus. We love proactive ambassadors so we came up with an event that SquadUP could help with. It’s about as straight forward as it gets: SquadUP is giving them a $500 bar tab at their favorite local bar and will bump it up to $1000 when they hit 200+ attendees. All they have to do is get students to register for free through our platform and follow @SquadUP on twitter. We were even able to bring on Her Campus as a co-host and pump the event through their publication. Sure we can explain why SquadUP solves the problems associated with event planning but the best promotional tool we have is the platform itself. Getting students to register for events and check out the website leads to event creation.

It’s in our best interest to expand the Brand Ambassador Program and get as many campuses involved as possible. You don’t need to be hosting 10 events a month and winning all of the monthly prizes to engage with us and ask for assistance. If you have an idea for an event or about how we can improve our presence at your school- whether that means SquadUP giveaways, donating to the organizing charity, or any creative contribution you can think of- tweet @SquadUP or shoot us an email at and we’ll work with you to make it happen.


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