Black Fashion World Foundation looks to shake-up industry with two-day career day & exposition


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The Black Fashion World Foundation, a 501c3 set on empowering black fashion-preneurs, presents its first ever virtual career day and exposition. Appropriately titled the Black Fashion Career Day & Exposition, this two-day event, which includes six workshops and features 18 professionals including Academy Award Winners, luxury shoe designers and other prominent superstars within their respective industries, is designed to bring awareness to the lack of representation of blacks in the fashion industry, while also providing a platform for black fashion professionals to be visible to students, career changers and those with a dream deferred to stimulate, fuel and revitalize that dream.

Bringing this experience to life required quite a bit of planning and coordination for Carla Nelson, Creator, President & CEO, Black Fashion World Foundation. However, as a visionary, she was able to cultivate this experience from the ground up, and the end result is one SquadUP is proud to highlight and present in this week’s blog post.

SquadUP’s platform and service have been a vital part of being able to orchestrate #BlackFashionCareerDay. Being able to communicate with their team, who has helped create ways for me to best capture details, not to mention helping me ensure compliance issues are handled, as well as market the event has just been THE BEST thing yet!

Beginning Friday, March 26, this experience is open to anyone who has a goal of breaking into fashion regardless of their background, ethnicity, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. By bringing awareness to a lack of diversity in the fashion industry, we applaud Carla and all those involved with the Black Fashion Career Day & Exposition for making a difference and providing a median for professionals, students and aspiring professionals to come together for this groundbreaking event. The 501c3 nonprofit accepts donations for the BFW Foundation Scholarship Fund on the organization’s website. For more information, please visit.

As the country continues to post impressive vaccination numbers and starts to re-open venues across the nation, we will highlight the event organizers who produce amazing experiences for their patrons. We look forward to a roaring-20s style recovery for the events industry as a whole, and are excited to power the next wave of re-openings.

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