iPads, $500 Donations and Internships!


There is plenty of upside to being a SquadUP ambassador. Like most things in life, you get out of it what you put in. If you want to learn about digital marketing, growing a brand, and to help SquadUP increase its presence on your campus, that’s great! You’ll learn a ton and start to build a strong network in the tech, events, marketing, and entrepreneurial fields. You’ll also be given the opportunity to join our summer fellowship program or intern with one of the other 75 startups in our co-working space.


On the other hand, if you’re like most college students and find yourself with barely enough time to balance your academic and social lives, then there’s still a role for you in the SquadUP Brand Ambassador Program. Instead of weekly tasks and busy work, all we ask is that you use the SquadUP platform when it makes your life easier. Do you have a formal coming up and need to collect some money from your members and their dates? How about a fundraiser and you want guests to be able to donate right from the event page? SquadUP makes professional event planners’ lives easier, and we do the same for college students and organizations. Take advantage!


Once college event planners, such as social chairs of Greek life orgs and the leaders of on-campus charities, use our platform for the first time they immediately see the benefits. They sell more tickets with us, collect more money in donations, and for the free events that need RSVPs, they reach a broader audience and find themselves far more organized and in control of their event. Even though college students are particularly receptive to emerging technologies, people can be hesitant to try new things. So we incentivize students to join our program. Every month we give away 2 iPads and $500 to our ambassadors through raffles. Every time you host an event we put your name into the “events” raffle for an iPad. And for every guest that attends your events, we put your name into the “guests” raffle for another iPad.

So, to recap, use SquadUP only when it makes your life easier, avoid weekly tasks and busy work, and win iPads and cash. Not a bad deal, eh?

Students will often think that they can’t win prizes because there must be over-achieving students out there that win each month. Trust me when I say, these are students that use SquadUP for events that make sense for them and fit naturally into their social lives. Many don’t even realize they’ve won until an iPad shows up on their doorstep.

“It was a nice surprise to find out I won the iPad. My sorority had plenty going on in October and using SquadUP just made things super easy to organize all in one place versus collecting money on my own time,” explains junior ambassador Sam Klein. I was hosting so many events on the site without even realizing that I was in the lead!”


But we’ve found that our ambassadors are most excited about the career building opportunities we provide. Our summer fellowship program is unique in that it’s partly an internship for SquadUP and partly an educational introduction to the NYC startup scene where you’ll participate in shadow days, guest speaker series, founders’ lunches, and have the chance to find your dream company to pursue. Because our Brand Ambassador Program is well known in our co-working space, other companies use us to recruit for intern and full time positions.

There is no contract or minimum hours per week requirement. Join the program, get a sense of a the level of commitment you’re looking for, and we’ll make it work for you. Have questions about SquadUP, the program, or college event planning? Comment here to continue the conversation, tweet @squadup, or email austen@squadup.com. We’re excited to grow our SquadUP army of college students!


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