The 3 Best Super Bowl Parties

In the midst of the same overplayed Super Bowl storylines and the over-hyped lineup of commercials, the crazy Super Bowl parties get lost in the mix. The host city sees a huge influx of fans that want to eat, drink, and make their week as memorable as possible. I don’t know how NY/NJ finagled a cold weather Super Bowl, but you can bet the local bars and event planners aren’t complaining. Only New Years Eve boasts more yearly parties than the Super Bowl. So we did our party research and found the best 3 of all time. Enjoy!


3. Super Bowl I, 1966

Press-Gazette archives

Even though there was no Super Bowl party precedent set yet, everyone surrounding the first big game knew it was a good reason to celebrate. Samuel Dresch of Pepsi Co. filled two private planes with his close friends and flew to Los Angeles. After the game he and his squad took over Perino’s on Wilshire Blvd. and helped start an American event tradition.

2. Super Bowl XV, 1981

AP Photo

This was the true Super Bowl underdog story. The ’81 Raiders were the first wild card team to win it all. Also the bad boys of the NFL, they were infamous, not celebrated. So when they upset the Philadelphia Eagles that year, they skipped going out on the town to enjoy their victory with local partiers. Those were the same NFL fans that viewed them as thugs ruining the game. Instead they escaped to a team facility where all of their friends, families, and certain true fans were waiting for them with a fittingly ridiculous amount of champagne.

1. Super Bowl XXXIX, 2005

Every year Playboy and Maxim duke it out to see who can host the elite Super Bowl event. Well in 2005, Playboy took the cake with their Jacksonville extravaganza. They packed the party with their playmates and distributed enough body paint to make people forget they made the trip down for a football game. There was even a scandal surrounding democrat Harold Ford and his appearance, and debatable “participation” in the festivities.


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